Thursday, May 30, 2013

Huey Lewis & The News - "Greatest Hits"

I am so sorry for the nearly two month long absence from my postings. Just one of those things where other daily matters overtake your time.  If there are any readers left out there thank you so much for sticking with me.

Here is my triumphant return, hopefully not followed by another long gap.  Returning to my alphabetical listings here is the mighty Huey Lewis & The News.

Released in 2006 this is the perfect compilation for the 1980s hit makers. Lewis and company were essentially a good time bar band that hit it big in the 1980s with a string of top ten hits and platinum albums.  Their sound is a mix of rock, pop, soul, r&b, with some great acappella chops.  They incorporate catchy pop hooks with big brass horns and electric guitars.  They also did not take themselves too seriously, they took their music seriously. Always making sure they were putting out great products, but they also made sure they were having a clean good time.  Their music videos were mini movies, with elaborate sets and costumes, featuring the band dressing up and even being buried in the sand.

This compilation lives up to its name as basically every hit the band put out contained on one CD (even Lewis' version of "Cruisin'" with Gwyneth Paltrow from the movie "Duets" is here). Their previous compilation "Time Flies" contained 12 songs and four new recordings none of which were super popular.  "Greatest Hits" contains all 12 songs from "Time Flies" and adds nine more tracks!!! The live version of "Trouble in Paradise" is included as well. The song order is not chronological but instead like a concert set list. Not a bad thing as the songs flow well together, but it does leave one of their earliest rowdiest songs "Workin' for a Livin'" as the closer.

The CD packaging is well done with lots of photos and collages, three essays (one by Jimmy Kimmel) and chart listings for each of the songs.  All in all this is the perfect hits compilation for fans or newcomers of the great band known as Huey Lewis & the News.

In the words of Mr. Kimmel, "I know what I like. I like Huey Lewis and the News."