Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hawaiian Style Band

"Hawaiian Style Band's Hits Compilation is all one needs from the innovative Group."

The Hawaiian Style Band were one of the most popular Hawaiian groups of the 1990s. The group consisted of Wade Cambern, Bryan Kessler and, then unknown, Robi Kahakalau. The group, however, was set up to feature local talent so various guest constantly appeared on their albums such as, The Ka'au Crater Boys, IZ, Fiji, and The Pahinui Brothers just to name a few. The group took the Jawaiian style music (a mix of Hawaiian and Reggae) that was popularized by Brother Noland to the top of the charts. They also reestablished popular interest in Hawaiian Language music, after the rather bland 1980s, with exciting versions of "No Ke Ano Ahiahi" and "Kaimana Hila."

Hawaiian Style Band Released only three albums, "Vanishing Treasures," Rhythm of the Ocean" and "Ohana," during their career but had eleven big hits. All the hits are excellently collected here on "The Best of the Hawaiian Style Band." Unlike other compilation from Hawaiian Musicians, which try to collect only a handful of songs forcing listeners to purchase the individual albums as well, Hawaiian Style Band have put together all their best work in one place. The group's best songs always were the hits and when listening to the individual albums these eleven songs are really all any listener will need from the group. Wonderful tracks like "Live a Little," "Love & Honesty" and "Happy 2 B w/U" are all collected in all their glory. The liner notes are informative if a bit short but why carp. This is an excellent compilation.